Kona Cotton


Should You Use Kona Cotton For Your Project?

The fabric you choose for your project is determined by several factors including the feel and look you would like the product you are making to have. While planning for a project, the most challenging stage for many people is choosing the right fabric material to use. Cotton is a perfect choice but in the market you will find different types of the material, further making it difficult to settle for the right choice. Kona Cotton is one of the best types of cotton to use for a project and this is because of the reasons highlighted below.
Absorbent natural feel
One of the qualities of kona cotton that allows you to easily work with the material is that it offers a natural feel. Its heavy weight allows the cotton to absorb wear, which gives a long lasting product. For massive production, kona cotton makes work easier and allows one to come up with beautiful prints if needed. 
Kona cotton also offers the ability to integrate the material with other products during production. The cotton can be used to make towels and furniture. Kona cotton is tested for abrasion and its ability to withstand stress approved. 
Moisture wicking 
Due to the moisture wicking properties of kona cotton, the material is preferred in the production of lounging pants. It is made up of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent Lycra fiber, which makes it a perfect choice for making yoga pants, running leggings and biking shorts. Its softness allows you to sew faster and to achieve more accuracy in your project, so if you are planning on launching a project using different materials, you should have a look at kona cotton, which will allow you to create unique products. Also make sure you buy from established shops that have been in the industry for many years for original material.